Today, at Teton Living, we want to revolutionize the commercial construction industry. As the demand for commercial and residential space has grown, the demand for a stable and skilled workforce to accommodate that demand has struggled to keep up. Concerns for profitability, scheduling, productivity, and worker safety grow as reliance on smaller workforces requires overtime. With the advantages of modular construction, more developers and owner-operators are looking to modular building manufacturing companies to construct their student housing, apartments, multi-family housing, hospitality and other commercial construction projects.

At Teton Living, we make your modular project EPIQ through Efficient Predictable Innovative Quality. Factory controlled settings mean your project will be EFFICIENT by keeping you on schedule. Repeatable processes protected from the elements keep your timeline PREDICTABLE. Our INNOVATIVE green and LEED processes are easily incorporated into modular construction. Finally, you get the highest QUALITY modular product due to our rigorous inspections in a safe environment.

When you choose a modular builder, there is less construction management and less time focusing on design when you work with our talented team of engineers and architects. Modular construction can be completed in 30-50% faster than traditional construction which reduces your overhead and gets your business or housing project open sooner allowing for faster revenue generation. Construction is done in controlled and secure environment which means there is no onsite theft and less material waste.

From our Houston, Texas and Casper, Wyoming factory locations, we look forward to serving developers and general contractors from Texas to Wyoming and all states in between. Led by Tim Host, our Teton Living group can bridge the gap between conventional and modular construction. Reducing your time to client occupancy in apartment, student housing, hospitality, mixed retail-residential construction, and assisted living residences is the focus of Teton Living. With an established workforce and climate controlled factory locations within the United States, we can help alleviate the issues surrounding today’s workforce shortages.

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