construction_securityJob site security can often be compromised when construction sites are unattended at night. The lack of security personnel and adequately secured perimeters make protecting tools and material difficult. Theft of material and tools is a problem that plagues most traditional construction job sites. Recently, an extended stay hotel being built in a town in Wisconsin experienced severe material theft during a weekend when work was not being performed.

According to an article from Brookfield Now: “The break-in included a significant amount of damage to all four floors of the construction site…The majority of the loss suffered due was nearly 10,000 feet of copper wire valued at nearly $30,000.” Without adequate site monitoring or reliable video recordings, the chances of thefts like these going unprosecuted is high and the material is rarely recovered. Hiring after hours security personnel can be a costly expense and fences don’t always keep everyone out.

How can this sort of thing be prevented? Job site security is one of the biggest advantages of modular construction. Building units are built in locked and secured facilities, meaning all materials and tools needed for construction of the project are kept under lock and key; day and night. At the job site itself, while the building units are being constructed, the majority of site preparation including ground work is done in conjunction with the building construction process. By the time the building units are constructed, the job site is ready to receive the units limiting the amount of time materials are left unattended and increasing site security.

Teton Living utilizes rigorous purchasing and quality control procedures which insures only the right amount of material is used on a job. This lowers the costs to our customers by reducing wasteful spending. Additionally, our production facilities are secured and monitored ensuring our customers’ products are always safe and secure.